How to Share a Window or Desktop in the IPT

Modified on Mon, 02 Aug 2021 at 02:43 PM

Description: The “Share Window” or “Share Desktop” function is a quick way for users to share their existing customized windows with other users. In case a user wants to replicate a specific window that someone else has created, the function comes in handy. 


Sharing a Window:


Step 1. Navigate to the three vertical dots in the top right corner:



Step 2. Select the “Share” option (shortcut is CTRL + ALT + S):



Step 3. Choose the red-colored square “Share URL” here:



Note: After the red square has been selected, a URL linking to a page where you can open the above-mentioned window has been copied to your clipboard. It is now possible to share this information with a simple paste command (shortcut CTRL + V).


Step 4. Share this URL with others who wants to access your customized window(s):



Step 5. Ones the link has been selected; a new website will emerge where you can open the specific window in your own Infront Terminal. To do this, choose the “Use this window” alternative that can be seen in the down left corner:



Step 6. A window will then populate, asking you whether you meant to switch applications (or particularly if you want to open Infront). Simply press “Open” or “Proceed” here:



Note: Ones the “Open” alternative has been selected, the window that can be seen on the page will populate within the Infront Professional Terminal. 


Sharing a Desktop:


Step 1. Like sharing a window, the process of sharing a desktop looks pretty much the same. However, instead of navigating to the settings menu for a window, locate the current desktop that you have selected:



Step 2. Right click on the desktop and select the option “Share Desktop”:



Step 3. Select the “Copy URL” option here:



Step 4. Like the process for steps 4-6 outlined above, once you have pressed the “Copy URL” option, the desktop link can then be shared with whomever you would like. You simply need to make the copied information available to the person who wishes to open your customized desktop.


Note: However, please be aware that the scaling of windows might look different for the person opening the desktop than it does for the person sharing the desktop. This might relate to monitor differences or other type of resolution settings. The easiest way to manipulate multiple windows for individual monitors is to hold down CTRL and drag one of the windows to move them all.

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