How to Locate the IPT’s Default Workspace File

Modified on Mon, 02 Aug 2021 at 02:34 PM

Purpose: The purpose of this article is to inform you where your Infront-related workspace files will be stored on your desktop. This tends to be a common question and it could certainly be useful knowledge in case you want to locate and save your workspace files on an external hard drive (when working from a different computer, prior to scheduled internal updates that could affect your file directory, etc.).


Step 1. In the “Find anything” search bar in the top left corner, type in “Preferences” and press “ENTER” to get directed to the advanced settings menu:



Step 2. Locate the “Folders” tab on the left-hand side. Then, copy the file path for the workspace directory (CTRL + C):



Step 3. Press on the “Windows key” on the keyboard to open the Windows menu. Here, you’ll press CTRL + V to paste the file path (that you just copied in step #2):



Step 4. Locate the workspace-related files that can be seen in the “Workspace folder.” In case you haven’t manually created a new .wksp file or renamed your existing file, your default workspace will be named “Default”:



Suggestion: In case you want to access the same workspace that you currently use from a different location (laptop or computer), copy the existing “Default” workspace file and paste it on a USB flash drive or simply attach it to an email that you send to yourself (to store it in the cloud).

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